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Here’s your chance to own part of the first U.S. private cannabis cultivator and processor to be qualified by the SEC to sell stock to the general public

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Golden Seed, Inc.

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Join More Than 7,500 Investors

The rules have changed, and investing in private companies like Goldenseed is now allowed.  Our award-winning California cannabis is shaped in nature—not a warehouse, and we’re proud to welcome more than 7,500 investors to the Goldenseed family.

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Who am I giving my money to?
The Goldenseed Team

When you invest in Goldenseed, your money will go to building our company that is run by an experienced management team with a successful real estate development background, a sales and marketing team who know how to get the word out and deal with the wholesale and retail marketplace and an agriculture team that cares about the products we create as much as they care about using sustainable farming practices, preserving the environment and growing healthy plants in healthy soil.

Green Day's Mike Dirnt: Why I Invested In Goldenseed

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What are you doing with my money?
Building Our Company Together

Every dollar you invest helps us build our company with the goal to grow quickly—but responsibly.

At Goldenseed, we plan to maintain as much control as possible over everything including our soil, seeds, clones, cultivation, processing, and manufacturing. This allows us to control the quality and value of our products from seed to store, while keeping our costs lower than those normally faced by cannabis companies.

We are building a company together with you and are focused on responsibly running our farm as a business to eventually make a profit. While we are focused on profitable farming through bulk sales, we are also continuing to build our consumer brands with high-quality Goldenseed branded cannabis products in dispensaries all around California.

What do I get for my money?
Real Stock and Perks

When you invest, you receive real stock in our company – one share of Class B Common Stock for every $12.50 you invest. But there’s more. We want to reward you for investing and joining the Goldenseed community by giving you “perks” based on how much you invest. Perks start at an invitation to our soon-to-be-famous annual shareholder event and at the highest end include incredible experiences like greenhouse dinners, awesome merchandise and even naming a Goldenseed product. Imagine seeing a product you named in dispensaries around California!

Check out Goldenseed’s investor perks here.

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How do I get a return on my investment?
The Future of Goldenseed

Goldenseed is an early-stage company that plans to grow into the biggest and strongest company we can, to make your investment as valuable as possible. We want you to invest and come along for the ride with us, but if you are looking for a stock you can buy today and sell tomorrow or in the near future this investment is not for you.

There are three ways you could get a return on your investment in our future plans:

If you invest in Goldenseed, you should plan to hold on to your stock for some time, enjoy the perks and benefits of being an owner in the meantime, but look for your return on investment in the future.
The importance of compliance
Why Does Goldenseed Need My Personal Information When I Invest?

We wish we didn’t have to ask for your private information, but being in the early days of the legal cannabis industry and breaking ground as the first U.S. private cannabis cultivator qualified by the SEC to sell stock to the general public comes with some legal responsibilities and requirements. As an investor, we hope you understand that following these rules is very important to all of us at Goldenseed to make sure we can grow into the company we all want to be, with you along for the ride, without any problems from governmental authorities. That’s the responsible thing to do to protect all of us, and you as an investor.

Here’s what we need from you to comply with the laws, in addition to the information you would have to give any online company you wanted to do business with:

For more details on why we need this information in order for you to become an investor, please read more on our FAQ page

Want To Be Part Of What We're Building?

Read the formal legal offering documents we filed with the SEC by clicking here or downloading the Offering Circular here.

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