How Greenhouse Growing Can Fuel California’s Cannabis Boom

Despite the worldwide pandemic, the outlook for cannabis growers is sunny. With cannabis production being one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, it comes as no surprise that the sector currently provides over 400,000 jobs and accounts for $17.5 billion US dollars in legal sales, predicted to grow to $100 billion in sales by 2030. (source, source)

In other words, this flower is showing no signs of stopping. And no place exemplifies this explosive growth better than California, where cannabis is now the fifth leading crop, ahead of tomatoes and wheat (source, source). 

Cannabis is a hardy plant, and it can survive in many different climates and terrains. But in California, premium growing conditions mean that the plants can do more than just survive: they can thrive.  Pot plants in their vegetative stage prefer a temperature in a range from about 68 to about 77 degrees Fahrenheit and are known to thrive in humid conditions.  With several areas of California offering those types of climates, it’s no surprise that many parts of California (even outside the well-known Emerald Triangle!) are now joining in the green rush for greenhouse and outdoor grows. (source, source)

All plants need moisture, warmth, and light to grow, and however kind the Cali sun is to buds, in order to achieve optimal results, farmers need to provide ideal conditions. A great way to stabilize the growing environment is to grow inside of a greenhouse. Greenhouses offer an excellent way to achieve perfect cannabis cultivation conditions in a more natural, less energy-intensive way than indoor grows, while still offering farmers more control over growing conditions than a purely outdoor grow would. (source)

Among other things, greenhouses are known to extend the growing season and offer better pest control.

In the midst of the Goldenseed greenhouse

Here at Goldenseed, we are continuing to invest in infrastructure to take our greenhouses to the next level—and our plants with them. With 20 acres of land in the Monterey Bay hills of Santa Cruz County, we set out to create a mode of efficient, compliant, high-output growing can look like for the cannabis industry.  Our greenhouses are state-of-the-art, yet still down to earth.  The Central Coast sunshine and ever-present breezes (now augmented by a system of high powered fans to increase airflow) keep the plants healthy and strong. We maintain optimal balance of temperature, humidity, and lighting within the cultivation area.

Fans keep air flowing and plants swaying in the breeze

Besides growing, the green rush has also brought new investment opportunities in this nascent industry. A prime example is weed tourism, which is steadily growing in demand. Many people are interested in visiting greenhouses where marijuana is grown. A 2020 report found that 30 percent of travelers seeking active leisure vacation want to do cannabis-related activities and a staggering 25 percent already traveled to a destination for a cannabis experience. (source)

Beyond just tourism, Goldenseed is also offering a chance for anyone to invest in the company through a Regulation A public stock offering.  While we’re still a private company, this has allowed more than 7,500 people from all over the United States (and the world) to buy real shares in our cannabis farm for as little as $200.  Investing in private companies like Goldenseed is no longer just for the rich and well-connected.  We’re building a community of like-minded fans who want to be part of the new era of California cannabis cultivation just like we do.

But don’t take our word for it, invest in Goldenseed today, and come visit us in Santa Cruz to see the plants and greenhouses for yourself. The grass truly is greener at Goldenseed.