Investor Stories


Zane Lamprey - Los Angeles, California

Beyond the partnership between Goldenseed and his apparel brand, Adv3nture, Zane sees what we see in the future of Goldenseed.  And we’re glad to have him on board!

Mike Dirnt & Brittney Cade Dirnt - California

Mike and Brittney were among the first to join the Goldenseed family. Hear their story here.

With Goldenseed’s ability to produce environmentally sustainable hemp, investing in them made a ton of sense for me.

Zane Lamprey
Television Personality & CEO of Adv3nture

For me, investing in Goldenseed was a no-brainer. I loved that anyone can be a part of their award-winning clean cannabis cultivating culture."

Jose C.
Tampa, FL

All the details on the opportunity to invest in Goldenseed for as little as $100 and become a part of our California cannabis and hemp company

Custom-made grinders. T-shirts made from sustainable hemp. One of a kind experiences on the farm. Read all about Goldenseed investment perks here.

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